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My Realization

I stopped working out, just sat back watching TV, eating greasy fast foods. My ah-ha moment came to me at work. I operate gasoline pipelines and maintain a truck-loading facility, so my job is very physical. It became increasingly difficult to climb the tanks and carry my equipment bag. It was wearing me out. 

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My Challenge

In the military I had knee surgery, so I wasn’t able to exercise, and eating all the junk food added up. After trying other programs without success, I was a little skeptical about Real Appeal. I tried everything from shakes to diet pills. None of them seemed to work. I’d lose the weight, but then gain it back.

My Motivation

Setting a good example for my daughter. She’s even started to meal prep with me. This is a plan for life, not just something that you do for one day, or for two weeks. That’s the key to my motivation and success. Plus, I’m riding my motorcycle more because I’m not carrying as much weight around.

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My Journey

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My Plan to Stay Healthy

Control Portions

Control Portions

Learning about portion size was huge for me. I didn’t feel deprived at all and still ate what I love, like chicken, turkey, and even a little beef. I started seeing results after the first 2 months.

Drink Differently

Drink Differently

When I worked the night shift, I used to drink way too much soda just to stay awake. Now, I’m constantly drinking water and I feel so much better. It’s not hard for me anymore.

Plan and Prep Meals

Plan and Prep Meals

I always used to snack. Now, I plan my meals in advance and eat healthier snacks like pineapples and apples. I have been able to remove fast food and sweets entirely.

More Success Stories

While the journey for each Real Appeal member is unique, they all share the unwavering goal of lasting change. Get more inspiration for starting your own Real Appeal success story by seeing firsthand the life-changing results that are possible for you, too.

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Brian and Julie

160 lbs lost (total)

Out-of-control portions and high blood pressure led Brian and Julie to make a change. Watch how they found more energy together.

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200 lbs lost

Crystal was pre-diabetic, and just getting out of bed was difficult. Watch how she got motivated to finish multiple half marathons.

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33 lbs lost

Stepping on the scale struck fear inside Michelle. Watch how it was the push she needed to make a change for herself, and her kids.

Real Appeal members who attended 4 or more sessions during the program lost 10 pounds on average. Talk to your doctor before starting any weight loss program.

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