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Our Realization

We were thinking that it’s time. We wanted to be healthier than our parents and have a future that didn’t involve medication or sitting around the table doing nothing; to live longer to do stuff with our grandchildren. The only way to make a change was to get exercise and our eating habits under control.

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Our Challenge

We were both skeptical at first. It’s hard to try something new. You never know what you’re gonna get into. Between the two of us, our struggle was losing weight and maintaining it. Together we had to change our eating, change the way we exercised. If we can do it, anybody can.

Our Motivation

Being diagnosed with high blood pressure, and the possibility of having to be on medications, is all the motivation needed. And being able to do this together helped us stay on track and motivated. Now we feel that we’ve got more years ahead of us than we would have otherwise. It’s life changing.

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Our Journey

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Our Plan to Stay Healthy

Eat Mindfully

Eat Mindfully

We focus on portion sizes and monitor the number of calories to control how much we eat. We’re eating more greens and less meat. More fruits and less high-saturated-fat foods. It’s all in moderation.

Have Cheat Days

Have Cheat Days

We’re enjoying what we like but not overindulging. You don’t have to like kale to be healthy. We continue to eat the foods that we like. If we do it in moderation, we can still feel and be healthy.

Be Accountable

Be Accountable

We support each other by staying on track together. Riding our bikes together is our new exercise routine. It makes us feel young, like kids again. We feel like new people and we’re much happier now.

More Success Stories

While the journey for each Real Appeal member is unique, they all share the unwavering goal of lasting change. Get more inspiration for starting your own Real Appeal success story by seeing firsthand the life-changing results that are possible for you, too.

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200 lbs lost

Crystal was pre-diabetic, and just getting out of bed was difficult. Watch how she got motivated to finish multiple half marathons.

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52 lbs lost

Unhealthy eating and a lack of exercise made working more difficult for Demond. Watch how Demond got on the road to healthy habits.

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33 lbs lost

Stepping on the scale struck fear inside Michelle. Watch how it was the push she needed to make a change for herself, and her kids.

Real Appeal members who attended 4 or more sessions during the program lost 10 pounds on average. Talk to your doctor before starting any weight loss program.

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