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Lasting Change

Built to help you succeed, our members live healthier lives through small steps for lifelong change, ongoing support and guidance and resources to keep motivated.

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Success Stories

While the journey for each Real Appeal member is unique, they all share the unwavering goal of lasting change. Get more inspiration for starting your own Real Appeal success story by seeing firsthand the life-changing results that are possible for you, too.

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88 lbs lost

Ken was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. See how changing “the little things” added up in a huge way as he transformed his life.

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52 lbs lost

Unhealthy eating and a lack of exercise made working more difficult for Demond. Watch how Demond got on the road to healthy habits.

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Brian and Julie

160 lbs lost (total)

Out-of-control portions and high blood pressure led Brian and Julie to make a change. Watch how they found more energy together.

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Real Appeal members who attended 4 or more sessions during the program lost 10 pounds on average. Talk to your doctor before starting any weight-related program.

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From this moment forward, you get to pick your next steps. With Real Appeal, you can have access to a proven, science-based approach through education, support and tools to manage weight and start living a healthier lifestyle. Let's get started.