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What’s Different? Everything.

  • Individuals

  • Employers

A program built to help you succeed.

Real Appeal is a proven way to help our members lose weight and live healthier lives by providing:


Ongoing support and guidance

We’re committed to keeping you focused on your goals — with online group sessions, support from our coaches, and a passionate community of members rooting for your success.


Small steps for lifelong change

To help you reach your goals, Real Appeal recommends small steps every day — and makes it easy to chart your daily progress with our nutrition and exercise trackers.


Resources to keep you motivated

Throughout your journey, you can access the inspiring stories of other Real Appeal members, blog posts and articles to keep you informed, and simple activities to help you stay on track.

Real Appeal is available to our members at no additional cost. Our approach is based on decades of clinical weight loss research focused on simple steps combined with personalized tools and support.

We make it remarkably simple to recruit, enroll, track and maintain your Real Appeal membership.

  • Complete launch kit for your organization.

  • Employee recruitment templates.

  • Enrollment resources.

  • Management of tracking and reporting.

  • Ongoing metrics dashboard for success stats.

  • Ongoing wellness content for internal communications.

Where it all comes together

This is more than prevention, more than employee engagement, more than a morale booster. Real Appeal is your chance to make a life-changing difference.

Our turnkey program makes it simple for you to make a profound effect on disease management, providing all communications, tracking and management. And the best part: If someone is not successfully progressing toward their goals, we halt billing until they're back on track.