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Real Appeal is more than weight loss, more than chronic disease prevention, more than a program to feel healthy. It’s all of these, and so much more—and best of all, it works. Really.

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It's more than getting healthy.

CEO Steve Olin recently joined Rally Health to discuss how the Real Appeal online weight loss program can help improve employee health, prevent disease and decrease medical expenses by up to 16% for members vs. non-members.

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Are you looking for ways to inspire your employees to make better health choices? Our turnkey program makes it simple for you to make a profound effect on disease management, providing all communications, tracking and management. And the best part: If someone is not successfully progressing toward their goals, we halt billing until they're back on track.

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Real Appeal is not only free to our members—it’s been proven to work. We know this because our evidence-based weight loss program uses decades of research in its design, plus includes tools that were developed with the help of people like you. And with more than 700,000+ participants giving us ideas and input, we’re looking at some amazing momentum together.

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How—and why—Real Appeal works.

Get to know the tools, services and coach support that Real Appeal members use to craft their own unique programs.

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Our coaches’ focus: You.

Our coaches are experts in helping people meet their goals and undergo a weight loss transformation—and fully support each member in finding their own best path forward.

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This is more than prevention, more than employee engagement, more than a morale booster. Real Appeal is your chance to make a life-changing difference.

We make it simple, with everything designed to be turnkey for you: communication with employees, sign-up procedures and program tracking. You’ll get a fully dedicated service team so that you can meet the unique needs of your employees, with super-simple startup and zero hassle moving forward.