Men’s Health Features Real Appeal

Ra News Jan20 Menshealth

Air Force vet George Ranson was trim and fit when he left the service almost 20 years ago. Over time, though, the scale ticked up to 291 pounds. 

Fed up with high blood pressure and chronic knee and back pain, Ranson decided he was ready to get serious about amending his lifestyle, once and for all. So he signed up for Real Appeal®, a decision that changed his life.

Recently, Ranson had the chance to share his incredible weight loss journey with Men’s Health magazine. 

With perseverance, consistency, and nine months’ time, Ranson managed to lose a whopping 110 pounds. Now, the former Real Appealer runs marathons. 

To read more success stories like Ranson’s and learn how to sign up for Real Appeal, visit our website.

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