How Real Appeal Helped a Woman Lose 25 Pounds [Video]

Jamie Real Appeal 8

In her first year with her employer, Jamie Harrigan attended her company holiday party wearing a simple sequined black outfit. Her husband told her she looked beautiful. She felt beautiful, too. "He told me how pretty I was," she remembers, "and how much he loved it."

In the years that followed, as Harrigan gained weight, the outfit no longer fit. Nevertheless, she kept it tucked at the back of her closet. “I just wanted to be able to get back into it,” she says.

She also wanted to feel confident again. “Losing your self-esteem makes you lose everything,” she says. “You don’t feel like yourself.”

Last year, through her employer, MTM, a non-emergency medical transportation company, Harrigan joined Real Appeal®, an online weight loss program offered by Rally Coach™. With her insurance benefits, Harrigan was able to join at no additional cost.

Real Appeal provides online group support sessions, 24/7 access to health coaches, weight loss toolkits and more. Recently, the program reached an exciting milestone — all together, its participants have lost over three million pounds.

Within her first week with Real Appeal, Harrigan started seeing results. Over time, she had lost 25 pounds. 

Want to hear more about how Harrigan dropped the weight? Check out the video below.

Real Appeal® is an online weight loss program offered by Rally Coach™. Real Appeal members who attended four or more sessions during the program lost 10 pounds on average. Talk to your doctor before starting any weight loss program.

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