Six Ways to Get Back on Track

Back On Track Milestones

The new year is the perfect time to start fresh and recommit to your weight loss goals. Here are six ways to help you get back on track and make this your year of healthy transformations!

1. Be kind to yourself.

As you prepare yourself to make changes again, focus on your future milestones and accomplishments. Don’t beat yourself up for things that didn’t go as planned.

2. Plan to succeed.

Revisit goals. Be specific and visualize yourself taking simple steps that make you feel great about your results.

Plan to succeed, always
3. Create measurements that are more meaningful than pounds and inches.

Challenge yourself to look at measuring what you are doing rather than what you are losing. For example, increase in the number of minutes or times a week you work out or try one new vegetable each week.

4. Connect with family, friends and supporters to get back on track.

A strong family, friends, coach and member support system can be a powerful tool to help you get back – and stay – on track. Help keep each other accountable and celebrate every success together.

Connect with family while hitting your goals
5. Incorporate your goals into your daily lifestyle.

Find ways to have visual reminders of your goals and the tools you need within reach. Want to drink more water? Buy a cool looking water bottle and keep it next to the sink as a reminder to fill and drink a few times a day.

6. Remember, this is for you!

We spend so many hours, months and years of our life doing things for other people, but the one person you are never apart from is you. Decide on the one most important change that you want for yourself and commit to giving it your attention every day.

Make the commitment to yourself

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