Get Back into the Back-to-School Routine

Back To School Runsm

Summer is winding down, which means the back-to-school scramble is just around the corner for many parents.

Here are three quick tips to help you get ready for the transition without losing momentum on your health goals:

  1. Back-to-Bedtime. A good night’s sleep is essential for staying healthy. Start easing your little ones, and yourself, back into a bedtime and morning routine now. Going to bed just a little bit earlier every night will help offset sleeping issues that can develop during the school schedule change.

  2. Schedule Workouts. Once you have school and after-school schedules mapped-out, add your workouts to your calendar to keep your fitness goals a priority. Try incorporating a quick walk while waiting at kids’ activities; for example, a walk around the soccer field. Every step counts!
  3. Meal Prep. Sundays are a great time to prep, cook and freeze healthy meals so that they are ready for grab-and-go mornings or quick weeknight dinners.

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