Four Things Men Can Do for Better Health

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Taking care of your health is important and it’s something everyone – including men– should make a priority. Especially if you want to have more energy for your family and the activities you enjoy. Taking small steps every day can lead to developing lasting positive habits and better health.

Here are four things men can do for better health:
  1. Get regular check-ups. Take the time to see your doctor. Seeing your physician on a regular basis not only helps to catch early warning signs but ensures there’s someone who can accurately diagnose if they know your health history. Aside from a healthy diet and exercise, this can be one of the best ways to avoid bigger health issues.
  2. Work up to workouts. While it may be great to do 30 minutes of high-impact exercise a day, that’s not always possible – even more so if it’s been a while since your last workout. Ease into a fitness routine with longer walks at a faster pace than normal or climb an extra set of stairs. Every effort counts towards benefiting your health.        
  3. Eat goods fats and good carbs. There is a difference between good fats and carbs and bad ones. The latter are typically known as saturated fats and refined grains. Increasing good fats and carbs, like omega-3 fatty acids and whole grains, is a great way to get on the path towards better nutrition.
  4. Find a health program that works for you. There’s no one-size-fits-all health program, that’s why it is important to find the right food and exercise options that work for your health, routine and lifestyle. Real Appeal was developed for real people looking for real results. Learn more about the program and see if it’s right for you.
Real Appeal® is available at no additional cost as part of select employer-provided medical benefits plans, subject to eligibility requirements.
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