5 Secretly Good for You Convenience Store Snacks

Fruit Popsicles

Summer vacation is here and it’s time to hit the road. If you didn’t pack your own snacks, there’s good news—many gas stations now carry fresh fruit, cut-up veggies and hard-boiled eggs. When those aren’t available, here are some other healthy gas station options. 

Fruit popsicles

Most all-fruit ice pops deliver around 100 calories, less than half of what you’ll find in a typical candy bar. Even better: go for ones with no added sugar if you can find them.

Beef jerky

Jerky is packed with protein to satisfy your snack attack for the rest of your journey, and it’s low in carbs, unlike a lot of snack foods. Look for the jerky with the least sodium.

Snack bars

Most bars deliver 200 to 250 calories, so they’re filling and, unlike a bag of trail mix, they’re preportioned so you won’t accidentally eat four servings. Watch out for super-sugary bars. Two healthy favorites made with whole ingredients like nuts and dried fruit are Kind bars and Lärabars.


Got a salty craving? Nuts are full of healthy fats and deliver protein, both of which help keep your tummy from grumbling later in the trip. Keep portions in check because the calories from nuts can add up quickly.

String cheese

Skip the “cheesy”-flavored snacks and go for the real deal. These preportioned cheese sticks deliver protein and calcium and have less than 100 calories.

Did you know? 

Some snacks sold in small bags deliver two or three servings per package. So be sure to share these with your road-trip buddies. 

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