Real Science

Real Appeal is based on real science. Simply put, this science shows us that small and steady changes—over time—lead to big and lasting results. The academic term is Intensive Lifestyle Intervention (ILI). The principle is to gradually present people with new bits of information about nutrition and exercise along with strategies that help them stay motivated to reach their personal fitness goals.

Intensive Lifestyle Interventions for Overweight and Obesity

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RA_012_Portal_Website_employer_landing_090915As you can guess, the biggest challenge is to get and keep people engaged long enough to truly establish the changes that result in new habit formation. Lifestyle intervention science provides the answer.

The information distribution typically takes place once a week in either a group or one-on-one session that lasts 30-60 minutes. Research shows that it takes a minimum of 14 sessions to achieve lasting change (building positive habits) and that results improve with more sessions. The best results require a year or more of continuous coaching.


Success Path

The science of Intensive Lifestyle Intervention has been firmly established. Four landmark studies funded by the National Institutes of Health (at a cost of nearly $1 billion) tracked nearly 10,000 subjects over the past 20 years and form the backbone of the most forward-thinking science.


20 Years of Scientific Research

Real Appeal’s clinical advisory board includes several of the principal investigators who developed and implemented these longitudinal research programs. The methods were developed and studied in randomized controlled tests, replicated in several countries and cultures by dozens of academic institutions. These studies proved that ILI is effective for about half of the participants.

Real Appeal translates this effective science into a program that is engaging and motivating. It methodically builds the lasting changes to habits that result in medical savings from improved fitness.