Frequently Asked Questions

In simple language Real Appeal is based on the science of small steps that lead over time to big results. The academic term for this science is Intensive Lifestyle Intervention (ILI). The essence of the science is to gradually present people with new bits of information about nutrition and exercise along with strategies about how to stay motivated to reach their personal fitness goals. 

The information exchange typically takes place once a week in either a group or one-on-one session that lasts 30-60 minutes. The best results require a year or more of continuous coaching. The biggest challenge is to keep people engaged long enough to establish the changes to their perceptions that result in new habit formation.

The science of intensive lifestyle intervention has been firmly established over the past 50 years with hundreds of studies that prove it is effective for about half of the individuals who receive it. Four landmark studies funded by the National Institutes of Health at a cost of nearly $1 billion form the backbone of the most modern science. These methods were developed and studied in randomized controlled tests that were replicated across several countries by dozens of academic institutions. Real Appeal's clinical advisory board includes several of the principal investigators who developed and implemented these longitudinal research programs that tracked nearly 10,000 subjects over the past 20 years. Real Appeal simply translates the science into a program that is as engaging as it is effective in accomplishing the lasting changes to habits that result in medical savings from improved fitness.

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Real Appeal is built to prevent weight related diseases like diabetes and hypertension. It will give you a healthy body that looks great too. But it is not what people normally think of as weight-loss products like diets, cleanses, shakes, calorie controlled packaged meals or video workouts. 

Common weight-loss products do not prevent diseases because they work through temporary behavior changes and water loss to produce rapid results that end in weight regain within 12 months. This yo-yo effect is the human body's physiological reaction to sudden energy deficits, which causes lowered metabolism and long-term food cravings.

Real Appeal is different. It gradually changes people's eating, drinking, sleeping and exercise habits by altering their perceptions with new information, and an enormous amount of coaching.
Real Appeal is effective for about half the people who start the program.
The personalization session is a one-on-one conversation lasting 20-30 minutes that takes place live over the Internet at a time the participant chooses when they enroll for the program on the Real Appeal website.

The session serves two different purposes:

The first is to welcome participants to the program. The personalization expert strives to create a warm, friendly tone to put the participant at their ease so they can feel comfortable discussing their personal preferences, attitudes, life circumstances, biometrics and aspects of their medical history that are relevant to weight loss. At the end of the session the Real Appeal expert helps the participant select a group that will meet regularly during a half-hour time slot for each of the 52 weekly group sessions that form the backbone of the Real Appeal program.

The session also serves an important clinical function. It assesses the participant's medical need for weight loss as well as their mindset regarding the intensity of their desire to lose weight, along with their readiness to make small, permanent adjustments to their eating, sleeping, relaxation and exercise habits that together can lead to lasting weight loss.