You’ll transform employees’ lives while saving big on healthcare costs.

Real Appeal is a fresh approach to avoiding the financial and human cost of Type 2 diabetes and a host of other preventable diseases. Expect high participation rates, lasting results and real savings.
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A problem this big
requires a Real solution.

Losing just 5% of body weight has a material impact on an overweight person’s health—that’s been a proven scientific fact for years. Despite the simplicity of the science, offering a solution that empowers, informs and motivates a person to make change has proved challenging.
Real Appeal has solved this problem by bringing together the best team to create something that really works, and that people want to do. Simply put, it is long-term behavior modification that results in disease prevention.

20 years
of weight loss research



Real Appeal is engineered for unprecedented success

While participants get the lifestyle results they’ve always wanted, plan sponsors save big on healthcare costs. Real Appeal balances clinically-proven science with engagement tactics in ways that are scalable for employers and inspiring for participants.

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The Real Secrets behind Real Appeal.

Both employees and employers have been disappointed with the options available to achieve lasting weight loss without turning their lives upside down.

Real Appeal addresses this issue with a few key ingredients.

Empowering health, not just preventing disease

The primary goal of Real Appeal is to help participants easily adopt new, healthy habits that will not just achieve weight loss but enrich their lives.

Give people what they want

We meet people where they are, discover their unique circumstances then customize a plan for each participant. By personalizing the program, participants are much more likely to reach their goals.

Clear path and small changes

We simplify the proven science to a step-by-step program participants want to follow. Breaking down big goals into smaller, actionable changes keeps participants on track week-to-week and provides the confidence they need to succeed.

Balance technology and human interaction

Easy-to-use digital tools, one-to-one coaching over the Internet, 24/7 support online and via a mobile app, HIPAA-compliant group sessions and highly compelling online “edutainment.” All this high tech, high fidelity interactivity leads to action.

Accountability at every level

When incentives align, results follow. Real Appeal is built on the foundation that the ultimate measure of success is results. From the way we assess participant clinical need and readiness, to the way we bill for results versus session attendance, to the way we pay our coaching staff, we ensure that there is one common goal—success.

Return on investment

Real return on investment.

Improve the health of your workforce and reduce costs by avoiding healthcare claims from preventable weight-related diseases.

Americans are developing diabetes at the rate of two to three per hundred employees per year.

Each new case of diabetes costs from $4000 to $8000 annually in medical expenses.

The science behind Real Appeal proves that over half of new cases of diabetes can be avoided altogether.

Avoiding just one new case of diabetes per hundred employees each year provides a solid return on investment.

Real Appeal produces far more savings than just avoiding diabetes.

Real Appeal also creates additional savings by reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease in your population and can help lessen the severity and complications in the workforce of people who already have the disease.

Designed to give employees and employers exactly what they want.

Here’s what you and participants can expect from Real Appeal.



Employee: An inspiring call to action

Real Appeal weaves a positive, uplifting message to look and feel good with a compelling invitation to join the program.

Employer: Unprecedented enrollment

Universally applicable and empowering messaging engages the willing and captures nearly all those at risk.

Employee: Customization from the start

Participants begin with an online, one-to-one customization session with a transformation coach who tailors the program to individual needs, goals, level of commitment and preferences.

Employer: Right level of intervention for each employee

We optimize resources by allocating people into the right program. Two different program tracks ensure employees get what they need at a cost that is right for you.

Employee: All the tools you need to succeed

It’s everything participants need to get healthy delivered online, on a mobile device and in the home for real results. They will stay on track for a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Employer: Accessibility and enablement

All barriers and obstacles to participation are removed so engagement is jump-started. Real Appeal is the total package, comprehensive and complete.

Employee: Clear path, small changes, big entertainment

A step-by-step, engaging program that is easy to follow with video, coaching and motivation. Breaking down big goals into smaller, actionable changes keeps them on track each week and provides the confidence to succeed.

Employer: Scalable and sustainable engagement

Retaining active participants in the program is key. What better way to keep them in the game than with top-notch edutainment, coaching and support? It’s a new way to learn that keeps them involved.

Employee: On-going motivation and support

Every participant gets 52 weeks of one-to-one interactions, support and guidance from his or her own coach. Support is also available 24/7 online and via the mobile app.

Employer: Aligned incentives

Real Appeal is built on the foundation that the ultimate measure of success is results. From the way we assess participant clinical need and readiness, to the way we bill for results versus session attendance, we ensure that there is one common goal—success.

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